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Anytime, Anywhere Broadband Connectivity
for High-Speed Trains

Whether commuting to work or vacationing across the continent, today’s passengers expect always-on connectivity. In rail travel, there are two areas where traditional cellular connectivity solutions fall short: rural routes that lack network coverage and high-speed trains that move between cellular base stations faster than a cellular network can handle the location transitions.

The only feasible way to provide uninterrupted connectivity for both high speed and lack of rural coverage is satellite communication.

Wavestream satcom-on-the-move solution for train connectivity is comprised of high-speed VSAT terminals and a low-profile, high gain antenna uniquely suited to high-speed train travel. A smart algorithm optimizes network utilization and overcomes satellite delay, while high-speed signal reacquisition enables fast resumption of availability when exiting tunnels. This enables a smooth reversion to a fully operational mode with little to no disruption in the passenger experience.

Top reasons for choosing Wavestream Train Connectivity solution:

  • Always-on connectivity for high-speed and intercity rail passenger enhances passenger experience
  • Built to maintain reliable connection regardless of tunnels or extreme weather conditions
  • Low-profile, high gain antenna meets tunnel height constraints
  • Ultra-high performance modems
  • Compliance with European CN 50155 standard and passed Chinese CRRC certification