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Bringing Broadband Access to the Masses

About half of the world’s population still isn’t connected to the Internet, and the vast majority of those people live in developing countries and rural areas. Bringing affordable Internet access to unconnected communities in developing countries is fraught with opportunities as well as challenges. To deal with this vital global need, innovative solutions are required that address the lack of infrastructure, topological barriers, exorbitant costs and the need for fast deployment.

Broadband access solutions based on high throughput satellites (HTS) are well-equipped to meet these challenges. HTS has exponentially increased the supply of bandwidth worldwide, making it an affordable alternative for residential broadband connectivity.

Wavestream leverages the power of HTS to offer consumers and small businesses an affordable and easy-to-use solution for broadband services such as high-speed data, voice and Internet access. Fast and easy to deploy, Wavestream residential broadband solution provides performance equal to that of a terrestrial solution.

Catered specifically to the residential and small business market, our residential VSATs are designed for self-installation and can be connected to any standard WiFi home router. Patented multi-tiered acceleration ensures very fast download speeds. A comprehensive and flexible ISP management platform supports advanced usage-based service plans, data quota management, automatic service activation and provisioning, and can be integrated with existing post-paid or prepaid billing systems.

Top reasons for choosing Wavestream Broadband Access solution:

  • Cost-effective deployment where terrestrial infrastructure does not exist
  • Rapid time-to-market for rural and other untapped markets
  • Simple setup and self-installation as required for home use
  • Remote ISP management capabilities for monitoring, service creation, usage records and site statistics