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SKYEDGE II-c SYSTEM Single, Integrated Platform for Multiple Markets
SkyEdge II-c System
Single, Integrated Platform for Multiple Markets

The SkyEdge II-c VSAT network platform supports multiple applications such as in-flight connectivity, broadband consumer access, cellular backhaul and enterprise, thus enabling satellite service providers to support diverse markets. Powered by Wavestream distributed and flexible X-Architecture, the scalable SkyEdge II-c platform consists of a high performance hub system, a family of mission-specific VSATs and a comprehensive network management system.

The SkyEdge II-c hub system is designed to maximize service time while simplifying your network operations. It includes an advanced, compact single-beam C-Chassis and/or a high-density, multi-beam X-Chassis. An advanced network management system, TotalNMS, enables full configuration, control and monitoring of all hub elements and remote terminals. SkyEdge II-c allows service providers to streamline service fulfillment while minimizing network downtime and troubleshooting.

SkyEdge II-c delivers innovative transmission technologies with exceptional performance and space segment efficiencies. Wideband DVB-S2X carriers in the forward direction and adaptive transmission in the return direction, enable high on-the-move service availability and maximum bandwidth efficiency at any condition – at beam peak, beam edge, at fade and at different traffic demands. This is achieved by adaptive power control, changes to the carrier symbol rate, ModCod and spread-spectrum factor per VSAT on a per time-slot basis.

SkyEdge II-c meets the needs of any satellite network operator, whether you’re increasing your range of services, your network’s data traffic, or the frequency bands, carriers, satellites or satellite beams to which you connect.

SkyEdge II-c enables full automation of service activation, helping you to simplify network operations with reduced OPEX. Service activation comprises antenna pointing, RF certification & auditing, and optional ISP authentication.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Versatile platform supporting multiple applications
  • Powered by Wavestream scalable and flexible X-Architecture
  • Compact single-beam C-Chassis and/or a high-density, multi-beam X-Chassis
  • Family of VSATs optimized for specific markets
  • Unified and centralized NMS