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In-Flight online experience

In today’s always-on world, airline passengers expect the same level of Internet connectivity in the air as they have on the ground. This is easier said than done. Ensuring uninterrupted passenger connectivity for hundreds of passengers over the course of a ten-hour flight is a highly complex task. In-flight connectivity services require sophisticated airborne satcom equipment, as well as the ground segment infrastructure needed for constant satellite coverage along a route under any conditions.

As a long-time leading provider of satellite equipment for the aero industry, Wavestream is well equipped to offer the most comprehensive broadband solution for In-Flight Connectivity Service Providers (IFC SPs). The airborne components include our cutting-edge Ku/Ka antennas, transceivers and baseband equipment, which offer market-leading performance, reliability and user experience and are currently being deployed on Boeing, Airbus and other aircrafts.

Wavestream widely deployed ground segment infrastructure is optimized for Ku and Ka bands, for both HTS and wide-beam satellites. Transparent switchover between beams, satellites and gateways – while maintaining user application sessions – ensures seamless coverage so that your passengers experience the highest quality, high-speed connectivity throughout their entire journey.

Wavestream optimizes utilization of the satellite space segment, reducing OPEX, with a fully transparent network interface to service providers’ global network management systems. The built-in, automated network management system makes it easy for global IFC service providers to manage their services independent of the satellite network operator.

Top reasons for choosing Wavestream In-Fight Connectivity solution:

  • Technological expertise and market leader in development and deployment of airborne satcom solutions
  • In-house cutting-edge aero terminal components – antennas, transceivers, and modems
    • Dual-band Ku/Ka antenna maximizes service coverage and capacity availability
    • De-facto industry standard IFC transceivers
    • Ultra-high performance modems – 400Mbps
  • Available as individual components or as a fully integrated terminal
  • Comprehensive 24×7 NOC services lower OPEX, accelerate service ramp-up and ensure high availability