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Deliver Uninterrupted Live Video On-the-Move
from Any Location

Real-time news events can happen at any time and in any location. You only get one chance to be first to break the story. You need to send out a small crew at short notice and set up your equipment on the fly. Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) can provide the continuous broadcast of live video on-the-move critical to supporting 24-hour news channels.

Wavestream DSNG solution is specially designed to provide high-definition broadcast of continuous live video from a moving vehicle. The solution uses Wavestream two-way, in-motion, low-profile satellite antenna that makes the typical parabolic DSNG antennas obsolete. Meeting the stringent connectivity needs of DSNG, Wavestream antenna features multiple onboard tracking sensors, enabling accurate tracking and the shortest initial acquisition and instantaneous reacquisition time after signal loss.

Improving both performance and agility, this solution gives in-the-field news teams the mobility to bring back live footage from events that require a moving camera, such as surveying the widespread destruction of a tornado or live coverage of a major cycling event. Wavestream DSNG solution has been used by leading news organizations to cover national emergencies, elections, Olympics, and other live events.

Top reasons for choosing Wavestream DSNG solution:

  • Reach extreme locations that others cannot
  • Be the first (or the only team) to reach and broadcast from hard-to-access locations
  • Film and broadcast while on the move
  • Fly to a distant location and install the equipment on a rented vehicle