Wavestream International


Expand, Accelerate and Secure Your Mobile Networks

To sustain growth and improve bottom lines, mobile network operators (MNOs) seek ways to retain and expand their customer base by improving coverage, availability and service, all the while reducing operational costs. One way to do this is to capitalize on the growing demand for mobile voice and data services in metro and metro-edge areas, as well as in rural areas. While satellite backhaul has traditionally focused on remote regions, the need for fast data network deployments and the new satellite economics are driving cellular backhaul over satellite into the mainstream and providing additional new opportunities.

Wavestream industry-leading satellite solutions for the cellular market give you the power to expand or upgrade your network without having to worry about physical limitations. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly in any terrain, providing immediate connectivity with minimal OPEX investment. To help MNOs get the most out of our VSAT systems, Wavestream offers complete, integrated solutions that include satellite connectivity, fully managed services, remote network operation, call center support and hub and field operations.

Our cellular solutions allow leading MNOs around the world to achieve true LTE speeds while overcoming the inherent delay in satellite communications. Our cellular backhaul solutions for 3G/4G networks deliver terrestrial-quality speeds at a comparable cost, but can be deployed at a fraction of the time it takes to deploy terrestrial solutions.

To support satellite-based network backup, our VSATs for cellular backhaul can be installed at either fixed or mobile (cellular on wheels) sites for purposes of business continuity. When a terrestrial network fails, Wavestream satellite backhaul kicks in to minimize the impact on the ongoing business. The VSAT network is completely independent of the terrestrial backhaul network.