Wavestream International
CAPRICORN FAMILY Capricorn 4, Pro, MEC, Outdoor
Capricorn Family
Ultra High-Performance VSATs for 3G and 4G/LTE Backhaul, Mobility and Enterprise Services

The SkyEdge II-c Capricorn family consists of high-performance VSATs ideal for vertical markets that demand high throughput and high-speed services, such as corporate networking, 3G and 4G/LTE cellular backhauling, IP trunking and mobility. Designed to work with high throughput satellites, Capricorn’s S2X-enabled adaptive transmission technologies maximize performance, improve service availability and reduce operational costs.

For 3G and LTE cellular backhauling, Capricorn includes Wavestream patented cellular data acceleration technology that enables full LTE speeds for cellular handheld devices using TDMA and SCPC transmission. Based on the latest-generation multi-core ARM technology, Capricorn provides high-speed services up to 200Mbps in the forward direction and 100Mbps in the return direction. For IP trunking and mobility, Capricorn delivers acceleration and PPS performances that support hundreds of users per VSAT.

To ensure fast running of applications, web browsing and a high-quality user experience, Capricorn contains a full set of protocol optimization and application acceleration features, including TCP, HTTP and GTP protocol acceleration, compression and embedded web caching technologies.

The Capricorn VSATs support the highest level of transmission security, supporting X.509 terminal authentication and AES-256 bit link layer encryption with dynamic key rotation to protect all user traffic.

The Capricorn family of VSATs include:

  • Capricorn-4 – Compact unit installed on the customer’s premises
  • Capricorn-Pro – Telco-grade, rack-mounted VSAT for easy installation
  • Capricorn MEC – Telco-grade, rack-mounted VSAT supporting Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Capricorn Outdoor – All-weather VSAT solution

Key Features and Benefits

  • Up to 200Mbps service for 4G/LTE cellular backhauling, IP trunks and mobility services
  • Option for telco-grade reversible rackmount form factor
  • Patented embedded data acceleration for 3G and 4G/LTE cellular data services
  • On-demand inbound switchover between TDMA and high-speed SCPC carrier