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Satellite is an Integral Part of Your 5G Network

Connecting billions of devices everywhere

With the exponential explosion of devices connected to the Internet:

  • 5G is inevitable, but it can’t reach everywhere by itself.
  • Satellite has the scale and scope to enable ubiquitous connectivity.
  • Wavestream has the expertise and innovation to make 5G a reality!

Satellite communications is an integral enabler of the 5G connectivity vision and has an inherit advantage when facilitating ubiquitous connectivity while driving network efficiencies forward. Wavestream has been a member of the SaT5G European project which contributed satellite communication-related aspects into future releases of 5G standards.

As a leading global provider of 4G satellite backhaul services, Wavestream sees the transition to 5G service enablement as a natural evolution of its current service offering, centered on its cloud-based X-Architecture. Wavestream is working closely with customers and partners to enable effective extension of 5G service and use cases, as well as developing next generation high performance terminals.

Leveraging its SkyEdge II-c platform, Wavestream is developing efficient interfaces to 5G virtual network functions (VNFs) and implementation of full network orchestration, network slicing, service slicing, QoS, acceleration and security.  Wavestream builds networks that brings together multiple satellites, in multiple orbits with multiple beams and multiple bands. Wavestream delivers connectivity and multi-connectivity for a 5G user experience with service flexibility and scalability. 

Top reasons for choosing Wavestream’s 5G solution:

  • High Speed – Providing speeds over Gbps with innovative wideband technology
  • Low Latency – Providing order of magnitude reduction in latency leveraging Wavestream’s NGSO baseband
  • Flexible Network Architecture – Providing satellite ground segment integration into 5G eco-system while utilizing SDN/NFV, cloud, edge computing and network slicing