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ER7000 High-Gain Satellite-on-the-Move Antenna for Trains and Large Vehicles
High-Gain Satellite-on-the-Move Antenna for Trains and Large Vehicles

When it comes to rail and land transportation, satellite-on-the-move (SOTM) communications is the most effective alternative for establishing reliable, continuous and quickly deployable broadband connectivity for commercial applications.

Wavestream RaySat ER7000 is a reliable, low-profile, 2-way antenna system that enables real-time broadband satellite communications for video, voice and data transfer. Ideally suited for trains and large vehicles, the ER7000 has been successfully deployed worldwide, providing high-performance broadband connectivity for rail travel and Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) applications, among others.

The RaySat ER7000 maximizes throughput using high-efficiency waveguide panel technology, while its minimal size and weight ensures easy and safe vehicle mounting. The ER7000 features multiple onboard tracking sensors, which enable accurate tracking, shortest initial acquisition and instantaneous reacquisition time after signal loss.

The ER7000 can be deployed as part of a complete integrated SOTM terminal – consisting of the antenna, a Wavestream BUC and a Wavestream GLT1000 modem – controlled by a unified management system. When integrated with 3rd-party modems, the antenna is supplied with an Antenna Control Unit (ACU).

Key Features and Benefits

  • High throughput connectivity
  • Easy and quick installation and setup
  • Rapid auto acquisition, tracking, and re-acquisition
  • Optional integrated terminal including antenna, BUC, and modem