Wavestream International
ER6000-A Versatile Dual-Band Airborne Satellite Antenna
Versatile Dual-Band Airborne Satellite Antenna

In-flight connectivity (IFC) services require sophisticated airborne satellite communications equipment, as well as the ground network needed for constant satellite coverage along a route under any conditions. Wavestream comprehensive broadband solution for in-flight connectivity leverages our cutting-edge technologies and unmatched expertise in implementing airborne satellite communications solutions for leading commercial aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

The innovative, dual Ku/Ka band RaySat ER6000-A antenna is a key component of our IFC solution. Ideal for seamless transition between any satellite service, the antenna facilitates quick electronic switching between frequency bands during flight, without requiring any disassembly or component replacement. RaySat ER6000-A enables aeronautical real-time broadband satellite communications for video, voice and data.

Wavestream RaySat ER6000-A was designed to achieve highest gain by maximizing the antenna size in the available swept volume defined by the Boeing and Airbus line-fit radome. The antenna maximizes throughput by using high-efficiency waveguide panel technology. Its low profile and light weight also ensure easy and safe mounting on the aircraft. Multiple onboard tracking sensors enable accurate tracking, short initial acquisition and instantaneous re-acquisition.

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Dual Ku/Ka band capabilities for seamless connectivity on any flight
  • Designed for Boeing and Airbus line-fit radome
  • Open architecture for operation with any service
  • Superior antenna system transmission/reception performance and efficiency
  • Easily integrated with third party modems
  • Field-proven pointing and tracking technology