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TAURUS High-Performance Modem for Your In-Flight Connectivity Services
High-Performance Modem for Your In-Flight Connectivity Services

In-flight connectivity (IFC) services require sophisticated airborne SATCOM equipment for constant satellite coverage along a route under any conditions.

SkyEdge II-c Taurus is an ultra high-performance modem manager (MODMAN) for a comprehensive broadband IFC solution. Using Taurus, aggregate rates of 400Mbps can be achieved, enabling Internet and multimedia applications that support hundreds of airplane passengers.

Taurus manages the in-flight satellite communications system, including Internet and IPTV for passengers, Wi-Fi and cellular backhauling, and provides connectivity for other aircraft systems.

Taurus meets all satellite communication needs for both HTS and wide-beam satellites on a global network. It optimizes the performance and efficiency of IFC services, and contains a full set of embedded acceleration features that ensure passengers enjoy the ultimate in-flight online experience.

Based on Wavestream unique distributed X-Architecture, Taurus offers transparent switchover between beams, satellites and gateways, while maintaining user application sessions, resulting in 100% uninterrupted service.

Taurus is a core component of Wavestream complete aero solution, already deployed in hundreds of commercial aviation platforms. This solution also includes Wavestream ER6000-A aero satellite tracking antenna, and Wavestream AeroStream® Ka/Ku (KRFU) power amplifier. Taurus modems are part of a complete satellite ground system managed by Wavestream end-to-end Network Management System that provides mapping and mobility management.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented embedded performance acceleration (TCP/HTTP/cellular data) techniques
  • High availability using adaptive transmission technologies (MF-TDMA/SCPC/dynamic spread spectrum)
  • Maintains application continuity with automatic beam/gateway/satellite switchover
  • ARINC 600 DO-160 certified aero MODMAN or card for integration with avionic systems
  • Core component of Wavestream Ku/Ka aeronautical satellite communications solution – ARINC-791 compliant