Wavestream International
MARINERAY All-in-One Satellite Communications Ku-Band Maritime Terminal
All-in-One Satellite Communications Ku-Band Maritime Terminal

Wavestream MarineRay is an innovative all-in-one terminal designed specifically to meet the broadband communication needs of small yacht passenger vessels as well as the fishing maritime segment.

MarineRay was built to serve vessels that require a lightweight, easy-to-deploy and cost effective terminal. This compact, end-to-end maritime terminal solution includes an antenna, 3-axis pedestal, BUC and the Capricorn-4 modem/router, all contained within a 60 or 80 cm parabolic radome. MarineRay’s design makes for easy and fast installation, making it attractive for self-managed small vessels.

Using the ultra-high performance Capricorn modem/router, MarineRay is able to meet the growing need of marine vessels for fast data connectivity. A full set of protocol optimization and application acceleration features, including TCP, HTTP and GTP protocol acceleration, compression and embedded web caching technologies, provides for an outstanding user experience across a wide range of IP applications.

Automatic satellite search and skew control with any azimuth and accurate signal acquisition, topped with a 3-axis control and stabilizer, ensure reliable communications even in challenging maritime conditions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective integrated maritime terminal including antenna, modem and BUC
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 3-axis control and stabilizer for seamless connectivity in harsh maritime conditions
  • High performance satellite modem/router supporting high-speed Internet, email, VoIP and video applications
  • Built-in web acceleration and QoS
  • Full Ku-band support