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CAPRICORN PLUS Ultra-high Speed VSAT for Multiple Data Intensive Applications
Capricorn PLUS
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For 5G Backhaul, Maritime and Enterprise Requiring High Throughput

Capricorn PLUS is designed to provide high throughput of up to 400/100Mbps, enabling multiple hundreds of users to simultaneously use popular media rich applications, seamlessly over a satellite link. Wavestream provides a unique and comprehensive solution for data intensive services that is achieved when combined with Wavestream’s patented Dynamic Channels technology for full network utilization. Wavestream is paving the way to 5G backhauling over satellite with higher throughputs and greater efficiencies to support exponential growth in network capacity as well as in the number and types of connected devices and services.

Capricorn PLUS is a member of the SkyEdge II-c multi-application platform enabling a shared bandwidth pool for a wide variety of applications such as maritime, enterprise and 4G/5G cellular backhaul with backward compatibility to 2G/3G networks.

These use cases have a significantly different traffic profile which traditionally required separate bandwidth pools for each application, causing an inefficient use of bandwidth due to a static resources allocation. Wavestream’s field-proven Dynamic Channels technology enables optimal dynamic allocation of bandwidth every 40 msec, truly adapting the network resources to each application’s need on a per VSAT basis, according to the required SLA.

Key Features and Benefits

  •  More Services – for data intensive applications such as backhaul 4G/5G, maritime, enterprise
  • More Throughput – up to 400/100Mbps for data intensive applications
  • More Virtualization – with Multi access Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure
  • More Compatibility – to 5G architecture
  • More Efficiency – less satellite capacity for more sites
  • with more throughput
  • More Adaptivity – full resource utilization under any link conditions and service needs
  • More Security – supporting latest authentication and encryption protocols
  • More Integration Simplicity – via multiple protocol acceleration over Layer-2 and Layer-3 topologies