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SCORPIO PLUS Integrated Outdoor Ka-Band VSAT-in-a-Box
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Enabling High-Speed Broadband Services for the Enterprise and Consumer Markets

SkyEdge II-c Scorpio PLUS is a cutting-edge, fully integrated high-speed Ka-band terminal with automatically switchable polarity. It unifies in a single weatherproof box all VSAT components, including BUC, LNB, OMT and feed assembly.

Designed to enable high-speed broadband services, Scorpio PLUS meets the cost efficiencies required by residential customers, IoT, small/medium enterprises (SME) and small/home offices (SOHO). Scorpio PLUS facilitates fast web browsing, video streaming, IPTV, VoIP, and other bandwidth-intensive services.
Quick and reliable installation and automatic service activation is part of the Scorpio PLUS vision. The process requires no prior VSAT installation skills or technical support. Scorpio works with high throughput satellites (HTS) and uses Wavestream’s advanced adaptive transmission technologies to maximize performance and improve service availability.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Innovative, integrated design
  • Full Ka band support
  • Automatic switchable polarity
  • Easily-installable, single-unit Ka-band satellite router
  • Clear demarcation between rooftop satellite equipment
  • and home networking
  • High-quality VoIP and video
  • Simple DIY installation and automatic service activation
  • Bi-directional adaptive transmission
  • Rich suite of IP features, QOS and acceleration