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Wavestream Launches Dual-Waveform SCPC/TDMA VSAT

Wavestream Launches Dual-Waveform SCPC/TDMA VSAT

Existing and new customers are now able to offer new services, increase revenues and save costs, by offering SCPC and TDMA based services from a single platform –

March 6, 2012 – Wavestream Corporation, a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, today launched the SkyEdge II Accent Dual Waveform VSAT, featuring a dual SCPC/TDMA return channel. The new VSAT will now allow operators the flexibility to implement both technologies in their networks from one single platform rather than have to choose between the two technology paths.

Wavestream SkyEdge II Accent offers service providers, who are looking to build flexible and cost-efficient networks, a single VSAT that can dynamically switch between SCPC and TDMA at any time. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Reduced CAPEX as a result of unified inventory
  • Reduced OPEX – more efficient use of the return channel space segment
  • Better network visibility – always-on connectivity with the NMS for monitoring
  • Increased performance – on demand, high-throughput SCPC services

“With the addition of the Accent to our SkyEdge II portfolio, operators can now benefit from better economics of two types of services – TDMA and SCPC – using one VSAT platform. Wavestream solution can now offer operators a unified, simple to use, network management system that monitors and controls a mix of TDMA and SCPC terminals. Moreover, the Accent enables operators to increase revenue by supporting new services such as cellular backhaul of large cell sites, on-demand and on-schedule video contribution, backup, and disaster recovery,” explained Hagay Katz, Wavestream AVP, Head of VSAT Line of Business.

Wavestream SkyEdge II Accent is optimized for high capacity 3G and 4G/LTE cellular backhauling, PoP (Point of Presence), video contribution, high speed disaster recovery services, and multimedia applications. The innovative VSAT, featuring high performance SCPC mode, is designed for high throughput of up to 12Mbps in return channels, increasing to 24Mbps in future releases. The Accent uses an efficient LDPC forward error correction coding for high bit/Hz, and also supports the advanced features of SkyEdge II, including Wavestream CacheMode! web acceleration, QoS, compression, AES-256 encryption, and VLANs.

Among the first customers of the Accent VSAT is satellite service provider IOSAT Ltd. IOSAT is a provider of satellite broadband data services for small and medium size businesses. IOSAT supplies satellite based telephony, data and advanced services for the maritime and fixed communication markets.

“Wavestream SkyEdge II Accent clearly marks the future of VSAT technology. The ability to utilize dual-mode SCPC and TDMA in the same VSAT platform is a significant advantage for satellite service providers looking for flexibility in deployment of applications, while reducing CAPEX and OPEX. We believe that utilizing Wavestream Accent solution will enhance our product portfolio and give us an edge over other technologies in the market,” said Ofer Kastner, IOSAT’s General Manager.

Wavestream customers with SkyEdge II systems are now able to offer new services and increase revenues by adding SCPC-based services to their service portfolio. The SkyEdge II hub and network management system supports a mix of TDMA and SCPC terminals starting from version 6.5.3. Support for SCPC requires an add-on Multi Channel Demodulator (MCD) module at the hub.

Unlike other SCPC/TDMA VSATs in the market today, the Accent supports both access modes at the same time with ability to switch between the two waveforms in real-time with minimal service interruption. The SkyEdge II network management system features a scheduler application that enables operators to pre-schedule high throughput SCPC links while maintaining an always-on visibility to the terminals.

The SkyEdge II Accent provides improved OPEX compared to point-to-point links by enabling the sharing of a common adaptive forward channel among all remote terminals. In addition the Accent enables improved service availability via mechanisms such as uplink power control, bi-directional adaptive modulation and coding based on the link transmission characteristics and also according to the traffic throughput demand. This unique feature also enables the service providers to reduce the amount of power drawn from the satellite, thereby balancing the total power in the transponder in a more cost-effective manner.

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