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Wavestream to Introduce Enhanced Forward Technology in SkyEdge II-c for Increased Performance

Wavestream Satellite Networks to Introduce Enhanced Forward and Return Channel Technology in SkyEdge II-c for Increased Performance

– Increases DVB-S2 Bandwidth Efficiency with 1.1 Roll-Off Factor
– Supports 66Msps Forward Carriers and Throughput of 250Mbps per Carrier
– Traffic Load Balancing Between Carriers in Multi-Spot Beam HTS Architecture

May 28, 2013 (GLOBENEWSWIRE) — Wavestream Corporation, a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, today announced it will introduce an enhanced forward channel technology in SkyEdge II-c that will provide an increase in the DVB-S2 bandwidth forward channel to 66Msps and improve efficiency with a 1.1 roll-off factor and savings of up to 10% in satellite capacity.

By increasing carrier throughput to 250Mbps, 66Msps carriers enable the support of more bits to Hz. The platform also supports multi forward carriers managed as a single pool, with automatic load balancing of terminals.

The high throughput carriers enable coverage of wide multi-spot beam transponders with less forward channel carriers. This reduces gateway capital expenditures and increases utilization of space segment resources.

On the return channel, Wavestream patent pending algorithm for adaptive return channels preserves network capacity and automated network operation and planning. The advanced multidimensional adaptive return channel supports automatic up link power control (AULPC), adaptive channel rate, and adaptive Modulation and Coding of up to 8PSK.

“We are constantly striving to increase performance and efficiency while decreasing costs for our customers,” stated Hagay Katz, Wavestream AVP, Head of VSAT Line of Business. “Our high speed ACM channels are already deployed in commercial networks. Together with efficient implementation, we support an aggregate of over 1Gbps on a 500 Mhz beam with EIRP of 63 dBW. In SkyEdge II-c our enhanced forward and return channel technology will enable
customers to provide better and more reliable service at lower costs.”

The tightly integrated architecture of QoS, TCP optimization and enhanced HTTP acceleration significantly improves the user experience. The increased efficiency enables enterprise and government customers, Internet service providers and satellite operators to maximize the bandwidth of their consumer and enterprise network in order to deliver a higher quality of service at lower costs.

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